Environmental protection induction heating equipment, high frequency quenching furnace quenching equipment

November 27, 2020

The working principle of the quenching machine equipment is: put the workpiece into the induction coil, when a certain frequency of alternating current is passed through the inductor, an alternating magnetic field is generated around it. The electromagnetic induction of the alternating magnetic field produces a closed induced current in the workpiece ─ eddy current. The distribution of the induced current on the cross-section of the workpiece is very uneven, and the current density on the surface of the workpiece is very high and gradually decreases inward. This phenomenon is called the skin effect. The electric energy of the high-density current on the surface of the workpiece is converted into heat energy, and the temperature of the surface is increased, that is, surface heating is realized. The higher the current frequency, the greater the current density difference between the surface and the interior of the workpiece, and the thinner the heating layer. After the temperature of the heating layer exceeds the critical point temperature of the steel, it is rapidly cooled to achieve surface quenching.

Shenqiu Yongda High-frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high-frequency machines, high-frequency thermal compound machines, stainless steel annealing furnaces, high-frequency induction heating equipment, etc. The following is an introduction to the application fields and uses of high-frequency equipment:

High-frequency equipment is widely used in processes such as thermal processing, heat treatment, thermal assembly, welding and smelting of metal materials, because it can not only heat the entire workpiece, but also heat the part of the workpiece; at the same time, it can achieve The deep penetration of the workpiece also realizes the centralized heating of the surface of the workpiece; the metal material can also be heated integrally or locally.

The application fields of high frequency equipment are embodied in: welding of diamond tools and cemented carbide tools; heat treatment processes such as quenching, annealing and tempering of metal materials; metal hot forging and hot forming; powder metallurgy sintering and metal smelting industries.

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