WZP-160(85KW) Induction Heating Machine

Energy efficient Up to 98% thermal efficiency under the same conditions, resistive heating method than saving up to 75% or more, shorter warm-6min. 


1. energy efficient
Up to 98% thermal efficiency under the same conditions, resistive heating method than saving up to 75% or more, shorter warm-6min.

2. reliable operation
Intelligent multi-loop control system and perfect protection system to ensure long-term safe and reliable operation of equipment.

3. lower production costs
Heating part of the structure with cables, heating cable itself does not generate heat, long service life. Resistive heating to avoid regular maintenance and periodic replacement of needed heating coil, the latter almost no maintenance costs.

4. improve the working environment
Some of the heat dissipation of less heat, the surface can touch and improve the environmental conditions of the production site.

5. intelligent multi-temperature control
Victoria Ellis electromagnetic energy heating devices use liquid crystal display real-time temperature and set temperature range.Built-in chip intelligently controls heating rate and output power, according to the actual situation of flexible adjustment of raw plant.

6. the high temperature heating
Resistive heating power density is low, the heat quickly to the outer space, and generally difficult heated to above 400 ℃. The energy-efficient way, reactive power density, can be heated to temperatures above 600 ℃.

Advantages of energy saving electromagnetic induction heating coil

1.First, good energy saving effect: compared to the original resistance wire heating cycle saving effect in more than 30%, relatively different raw materials, production of different products, energy-saving effect change. But in the current energy-saving products have been used up to 80% efficiency

2.Second, good environmental effect: the production environment can significantly reduce the temperature.

3.Third, long service life: continuous operation temperature of the heating cycle is only about 100 ° C, there is no problem to replace the heating cycle, relative to the original resistance wire heating to reduce the secondary input.

4.Fourth, improve product yield: As the heat efficiency of the product, with uniform heating, can significantly reduce the heating time and increase product yield.

The traditional electric coil heating has the following disadvantages:

1.First, the heat loss is too large: the current heating method used by most companies is around the system by the resistance wire, heating both sides inside and outside the ring will heat, heat conduction inside the cylinder, while most of the heat lost to the outside air , causing a loss of energy waste.

2.Second, the environmental temperature increases: a lot of loss due to heat, ambient temperature, especially in summer a great impact on the production environment, on-site temperatures over 45 ° C, some companies had to lower the temperature by air-conditioning, which in turn causes energy secondary waste.

3.Third, life is short, large maintenance : As a result of the resistance wire heating, the heating temperature up to about 300 ° C, under high temperature aging resistance wire easy to blow, electric lap average life of about half a year, so maintenance work relatively large.


1.Heating fast: this is the heating rate of less than 1 second (speed adjustable speed control)

2.Heating wide: wide range of metal parts can be heated (according to the different shape of the workpiece replacement of removable induction loop)

3.Easy installation: connect the power, induction loop and out of the water can be used; small size, light weight, easy to use

4.Simple operation: a few minutes to learn

5.Start fast: you can start with water after the heating power

6.Low power consumption: high-frequency device than the old-fashioned tube about 70% energy saving, the smaller the power consumption of the smaller parts

7.Good effect: the heating is very uniform (also by regulating the induction coil density, so that all parts of the workpiece to obtain their desired temperature), heating up fast, less oxide layer after annealing without waste

8.Adjustable power: The Promise adjust the output power

9.Protection all: with over voltage, over current, overheating, lack of water and other alarm indicator, and automatic control and protection

10. small size, light weight, simple installation, easy to operate;

11. high efficiency, saving energy obviously,save 60% energy than traditional high frequency tube equipment, and save 20% energy than KGPS SCR IF induction heating power.

12. secure, reliable, non-million-volt high-pressure, very safe for the operator;

13. the frequency bandwidth to meet the different parts of the heating before forging, heat treatment, brazing, etc.;

14. a unique cooling circulation system, ensure that the equipment 24 hours of continuous work.

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