Medium Frequency Machine Induction Heating Machine

300-600KW new type medium frequency induction heating equipment is based on modern international advanced electric technology theory, adopts Infineon IGBT modules,with strict process technology requirements to produce high-tech products.The product main circuit adopts three-phase bridge rectifier circuit without adjusting voltage, after capacitor filter, half-bridge inverter .main circuit is series resonance,duty cycle adjustable power.

Medium Frequency machine, intermediate frequency furnace, medium frequency heating machines, intermediate frequency furnace, medium frequency power supply several advantages:

1. Product start-up performance is very good. It is the use of series resonant circuit, the SCR IF solve difficult problems start.

2. To save energy, heat 1 per ton of steel, power consumption of 320 degrees. SCR frequency than the 20% -30% power.

3. Products almost no higher harmonics. Does not pollute the power grid, transformers, switch does not heat, will not interfere with electronic equipment to run the factory.

4. Saving power transformer capacity: IGBT 300KW IF: 315KVA power transformer to work.

5. Products with high reliability, performance starts: The main components were used in all the world's plant components, IGBT transistors produced by Siemens AG of Germany.

6. Product water system with water heat exchanger and water circulation system inside and outside. Distilled water within the cycle is long-term use, the device is not within the scale is not blocked by water, greatly reducing the failure, saving maintenance costs.

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