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Shenqiu Yongda High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd. is a diversified high-tech technology enterprise. The company has developed a metal pipe inner and outer wall cladding technology by using the new environmental protection technology promoted by the country, which is a kind of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant metal pipes at home and abroad. The latest technology, this technology is our company's advantage in repairing the cylinder bore, piston rod and the inner wall of the oil pipeline of the coal mine's fully mechanized mining support jack.

Compared with electroless plating, cladding has the following advantages

1. The cladding thickness is very uniform, which can form a cladding layer of more than 1mm in the tube, which is stainless steel

2. A cladding layer with uniform thickness can be obtained on the workpieces of ferrous metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc., so that the metal pipeline can achieve durability, corrosion resistance and wear resistance

3. Strong binding force, no falling off, no layer

4. The cladding layer is dense, with low porosity and good corrosion resistance

5. The cladding layer has high hardness, which can be greatly improved after heat treatment. Has good self-lubrication and wear resistance

6. No pollution, it is the newest environmental protection technology promoted by the country.

7.This technology successfully solves the technical problem that the outer diameter of the cylinder and the piston rod of the support jack cylinder is not easy to restore


1. Technical Features
The repaired cylinder and piston rod have high bonding strength, no pinholes, no pitting, long service life, and better corrosion resistance than the new cylinder. The thickness of the cladding layer can reach 2mm

2. Repair scope
Effectively restore the size of the inner bore of the cylinder with a diameter of more than 100mm, the middle cylinder and the outer circle of the piston rod, rust, swelling, pits, wear, etc.

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